Mattias Skarin

Product Development Coach

is a former software developer turned transformative catalyst, coaching and training companies in revolutionizing their software approaches. His expertise in Agile transformations spans organizations, from scale-ups to global enterprises. Mattias co-founded, to share his knowledge of Agile contracting and procurement, and founded platform Active Agile Leadership. Connect with Mattias on LinkedIn

A few companies I have helped transform and improve: AID (self-driving cars), LEGO, Joyn (streaming entertainment), Zalando, SimCorp, Tobii.

I typically help out with:

  • Transformations ( improvement leaps 🙂
  • Digitalization (from vision to effect)
  • Portfolio
  • Scaling up the company
  • Leadership training
  • Agile @ scale

Publications – Product development (new)

Publications – Product development

  • ”Machine learning essentials for CTO’s” (video) –  2020

Conferences and talks

Mattias Skarin
Mattias Skarin
Product Development Coach