Jimmy Janlén

Experienced agile coach with 18+ years experience from agile transformations as well as modern agile team-based organizations.

Helps, coaches and challenges teams, leadership and organizations how to apply modern agile practices, ideas and frameworks in their context given their challenges and needs.

Frequent keynote speaker at public and internal conferences.

Recent long-term assignments

  • EasyPark (Agile Coach – Transformation, Leadership and Teams – Empowered Product Org)
  • Forsmark (Transformation, Leadership, Training & Coaching – Lean, Flow, Focus, Teamwork)
  • Tibber (Agile Enterprise Coach and Operational Excellence Coach)
  • Kry/Livi (Agile Leadership & Team Coach)
  • Casumo (Org. and Leadership Coaching)
  • Spotify (Agile Coach)
  • Westpac (Agile Enterprise Transformation Coach & Teacher)
  • Plain Vanilla (Agile Coach)


  • Workshop facilitation
  • Bureaucracy therapist
  • Cultural acupuncture
  • Cross-company pollinator
  • Visualization magician



YouTube channel “Agile with Jimmy”

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Courses teached

Examples from the last 4 years

  • Alignment & Organizational Rhythms – Scaling Agile (1 day course)
  • Active Agile Leadership Program (8 training sessions)
  • Mastering Workshop Facilitation (1 or 2 days course)
  • Agile Leadership (1 day course)
  • Agile at Scale, Inspired by Spotify (2 day course)
  • Agile Culture (1 day course)
  • Remote Workshop Facilitation (1 day course)
  • Graphical Facilitation (1 day course, only onsite)
  • Team Excellence Through Visualization (1 day course)
  • Scrum Master (1-2 day course)
  • Product Owner (1-2 day course)
  • Agile Testing (1 day course)
  • Training from the Back of the Room (1 day course)


“With his leadership and guidance, he has 10x:ed our ability to align and plan our whole company towards strategic priorities, yearly goals and in continuation our company mission and vision. Jimmy has done this with passion, grit and whole lot of enthusiasm from the whole organisation. Jimmy does not simply follow receipts from other organisations and cargo cults that into a way of working but deeply understands rationale, business logic and core human factors to reach the highest of standards to how we can work on common goals with speed. I would recommend Jimmy any day of the week.”
– Richard Eklund (Chief Technology Officer, Tibber)

“I’ve had the opportunity, privilege and joy to work with and learn from Jimmy the past year. He has helped us tremendously in finding OUR ways of working at Tibber – at various levels and in different contexts. He has guided squads and individuals on how to get the most out of themselves, their time and capabilities. Jimmy has also been a key player in helping us find ways to work better together across squads, houses and other types of groups. I really hope our paths cross again!”
– Linda Malmqvist (Engineering Manager, Tibber)

“Jimmy is a truly spectacular agile coach that brings a high level of energy and curiosity, with a passion to support, challenge, and drive the organization to work in a better way and finding pragmatic solutions to improving collaboration, communication, and execution.
Jimmy will easily work across large R&D organizations and introduce systemic changes and improvements, work tightly with leadership teams to help them visualize their work or improve their decision-making, teaching modern leadership skills, or jump in to individual teams and supporting them with team-level processes as needed. This flexibility to work on all levels and always bring his full passion and knowledge is highly valuable.”
– Anders Ivarsson (Senior Director of Engineering, Kry/Livi)

Jimmy Janlén
Jimmy Janlén
Organizational, Leadership & Team Agile Coach