CourseFree Webinar: Traits of an Agile Culture & How to shape it

Welcome to the premiere of Snowdrop’s inspirational webinars! 🌟

The first topic is “Traits of an agile culture and how to shape it”.

Jimmy will share common cultural traits that he has experienced throughout his years as an agile coach.

He will also present a way to define “culture” as concrete, future looking and actionable that allows us to lead with intent. Together we shall explore a few examples of how we can shape our cultures and environments into one that enables teams and people to flourish, grow and accomplish great things.

As an Agile Coach, Jimmy has experiences from many modern agile companies such as Spotify, Kry/Livi, Tibber and many others. Discover how to make agile work at scale together with a great culture.


💻 Where? Over zoom. Link to the meeting will be sent out to everyone registered before the webinar starts.

📅 When? Over lunch, Thursday 1st of February 2024, 12:00 – 13:00 CET.

🗨️ Structure? Presentation mixed with some short breakout sessions and a Q&A at the end.

About the speaker:

Jimmy Janlén is a co-founder of Snowdrop. In addition to coaching, Jimmy holds courses, writes books and blogs on all things agile and lean such as agile leadership, large scale agile, team dynamics, visualization and facilitation.

He also hosts and produces a YouTube channel called Agile with Jimmy. He sometimes refers to himself as a bureaucracy therapist, cultural acupuncture, cross company pollinator and visualization magician. Jimmy is the author of the book Visualization Example and creator of the Jimmy Cards.

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