CourseFree Webinar: The Stress Equation

In Sweden stress is the leading cause for sick leave and mental health issues for academics and knowledge workers. What sets stress apart from other areas of occupational health, is the focus on individual susceptibility and personal coping strategies, rather than proactively fixing the stressful work environment.

The Stress Equation is a model for categorizing and analyzing stress from an organizational level, rather than from a personal perspective. It helps teams and leadership of companies talk about stress as a system problem.

In this presentation Marcus Lagré talks about his observations from numerous organizations and teams on how pressure, complexity, and a sense of security affects the stress level and why he created the Stress Equation.


💻 Where? Over zoom. Link to the meeting will be sent out to everyone registered before the webinar starts.

📅 When? Over lunch, Thursday 11th of April 2024, 12:00 – 13:00 CET.

About the Speaker:

Marcus Lagré is a seasoned software developer turned Agile Coach and educator, with 20 years experience of various roles in software.

Marcus created the Stress Equation as a workshop concept to move focus away from the individual, to allow teams and companies to talk about stress as a systemic or organizational issue. He has give his talk at a number of public and company internal conferences and is currently working on a book on the subject.

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