CourseFree Webinar: From Rigid to Agile: Reshape your financial planning

– Lean/Agile budgeting and Rolling Forecasting applied

In the ever-changing landscape of today’s business world, clinging to old-school budgeting practices could be the anchor dragging your progress down. Traditional methods often prove to be rigid, time-intensive, short-sighted, and downright disheartening. To enable future success you need to reshape your financial planning and become more dynamic. With Agile Financial Planning & Forecasting you can improve your financial agility and your strategic decision making, getting ready for the future.

Learn more about Agile Financial Planning and Forecasting, where flexibility and iterative planning are not just buzzwords, but the very foundation of your success. Say goodbye to the dreaded “budget axe” and hello to a world where financial agility and strategic foresight lead the way. Imagine a system where adjustments aren’t just annual chores but part of an exciting, ongoing process to enhance your financial outcomes, rolling seamlessly through the fiscal year and beyond.


💻 Where? Over zoom. Link to the meeting will be sent out to everyone registered before the webinar starts.

📅 When? Over lunch, Thursday 16th of May 2024, 12:00 – 13:00 CET.


Meet Daniela Forsgård, your guide in this transformative adventure. With over 15 years of firsthand experience as an Agile CFO and finance leader, Daniela has not just witnessed but actively driven the transition from traditional budgeting to a robust, rolling planning and forecasting model. Her passion for the Agile mindset has reaped tangible benefits, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability in the companies and the finance departments she’s led.

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