CourseEmpowered Teams Applied (TTT)

This is the ”Train the trainer” class for the Empowered Teams Applied Program.

The focus is on how you teach the program, both remotely and on site. We will walk through the exercises, the setup, the structure, and how to make it a great learning experience for product professionals. In this training, we won’t detail the content of each topic.

Topics covered

  • Introduction
  • A path to Empowered product teams
  • Leading change
  • Strategy to action (“aligning on which problem to solve”)
  • Product Discovery (“the problem to solve”)
  • Solution Discovery (“validating the solution”)

This course is for

This course is tailored towards agile and product coaches who want to create a greater impact in their organizations in their change journeys. By leveraging the materials, you will be able to teach a training program that’s set up to upskill product teams, hands-on, within the concept of Empowered teams.

Prior training experience is essential to attend this course. We won’t walk through the content of each topic in detail. The focus is rather on how to effectively train and teach your participants.

Prior knowledge of the concept of Empowered product teams is also important.


  • New trainers – 15 000 SEK (includes 1 year training licence at Active Agile)
  • Active Agile Trainers – 2500 SEK
    (all prices ex. VAT)

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